An Adrenaline Filled Fall

Sky Plunge can be described as base-jumping using a sophisticated bungee-like safety system, where jumpers are attached to a high-speed controlled-descent wire. Sky Plunge is an incredible adrenaline rush, which originated in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand’s highest jump and only BASE jump by wire. “Plungers” will plummet hundreds of feet through the interior of the Tower at nearly 55 MPH. Those with sufficient courage to jump will be suited up by dedicated staff with special equipment to ensure their safety and comfort and will be videotaped during their entire descent to memorialize what surely will be a unique and unforgettable experience.







The Longest and Fastest Drop in the World

SkyDrop is just like parachuting out of an airplane, experiencing the thrill of free fall followed by the jolt of an extremely rapid deceleration. SkyDrop is destined to become one of the most exciting rides in the world. An array of 12 seats carrying riders is lifted towards the top of the Tower along the Tower’s north face, and then released to free-fall down the Tower. Creative accent lighting will allow tens of thousands to track the up and down movement of SkyDrop as they view the Tower from their cars, homes or offices. Magnetic brakes are then activated to slow the riders as it approaches the bottom of the Tower. SkyDrop will be the longest drop of this kind in the world at approximately 590 feet and approach speeds of 95 MPH.


650 FT. DROP





Enjoy the Best Views of South Florida and Miami

Imagine the reality of flying you can enjoy with a motion-based simulator and that only starts to explain the thrill of flight that theatergoers will enjoy in the Tower “Flying Theater.” Once inside the main theater, up to 72 riders are secured in a seat similar to ones used for inverted roller coasters. Suddenly, the floor drops away and riders are suspended with their legs dangling. After rising a minimum of some 12 meters (40 feet) in the air, they then embark on a hang-glider tour of South Florida with state of the art-quality images projected below (from a 24-meter/80-foot domed screen), and with the simulator moving their seats in sync with the movie. Special effects include a musical soundtrack, wind, noises that match the surroundings, and even smell. Riders feel as though they are flying through clouds as they fly over downtown Miami, Miami Beach and South Beach, down the coastline of Miami, encountering leaping sailfish and dolphin, diving below the surface of the water to a pristine reef (while being misted as they enter the water) to encounter a large barracuda with its jaws wide open, through golf course scenes, all along the Everglades, narrowly escaping a large alligator and over South Dade as they see and smell limes and tomatoes.